Progress report on Droplet/eDroplet v4

For Android implementation
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Progress report on Droplet/eDroplet v4

Post by wfelty » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:04 am

Here is where I am with the Droplet. I realize that this is a test version to test functionality. First of all my setup ...
...Android phone LG G6+ android version 8.0.0
...Firmware version FW_Droplet_0_1a
...eDroplet.Android version pre 4
...US 14 day Libre

Pros. The voice lets me know my BG without looking at my phone while on long bicycle rides. Not good for a lot of situations, but tells me that Droplet is working for testing. Needs option to turn On/Off in final version.
I like the BG reading in big numbers. :
"BG target" function works well
"Alarms" works well, both for too high and too low BG readings
Displays are great both in "Home" and "Setup". Lots of good information, especially the date and time for the last reading.
I like being able to set the "CGM cycle to whatever time I like.
Most people probably wouldn't want the Libre's activation date and day of Libre's sensor life, but I like that information.
I like the Bluetooth symbol light up when "CGM is ON" especially in testing. Since it sometimes is turned off.
In the setting's menu I find the sliders for "BG target" and "Alarm" easy to understand and use".
I like the color schemes. in the "Home" and "Setup" screens.
Being able to use mg/dl or mmol/l is very nice.
I like being able to "unpinch", spread out time scale, horizontally to see better details on BG reading

Cons...The droplet doesn't have a lot of range. It won't work in the next room. from the android phone.
Bluetooth on the phone itself sometimes mysteriously turns off. I have never had this happen before.
"CGM is ON" in "Settings" menu sometimes turns itself off.
I'm hoping that these glitches are just from being in the testing mode.

On another note, the instructions for flashing the ram don't work for me, I was only able to download "nRF Toolbox" ver 2.7.3 and it doesn't match up with your instructions. I can't get a file loaded.

I forgot to mention that eDroplet appears to be working, at least for a couple oh hours behind a black screen, sleep mode? UPDATE: DROPLET JUST WORKED 10 HOURS STRAIGHT BEHIND LOCK SCREEN. IN PAST IT WOULD SOMETIMES TURN OFF, I WAS TOO FAR AWAY FROM PHONE, ABOUT 20' WHILE SLEEPING.

Great product, very close, if you can just cut your server out of the loop.

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Re: Progress report on Droplet/eDroplet v4

Post by Biker61 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 6:17 am

Wann kommt die Vollversion...???

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